Summer 2022 Update from Tompkins County Board of Elections


Primary Elections

The June 28, 2022 Primary is no longer a Federal Primary

This primary is for registered Democrats and Republicans in Tompkins County. The contests are:

  • Candidate for Governor (D & R)
  • Candidate for Lieutenant Governor (D only)
  • Candidate for City of Ithaca 4th Ward Alderperson (D only)

Absentee eligibility for this election includes: civilian, permanent, UOCAVA, and military. Absentees must also be enrolled in the party having the primary.

The Federal Primary is currently scheduled for August 23, 2022

It is not yet known which parties will have a primary for the Congressional Representative Candidate(s) or which district number will be the final approved for Tompkins County Voters. When the district information and dates are settled, we will share that information with the public.

This primary date may include Candidate for State Senator.

Federal Voters are eligible to vote for Candidate for Congressional Representative only. Civilian, permanent, UOCAVA, and military absentee voters are eligible to vote for both contests in this election.

Special Election for Representative in Congress 23rd (current) District

It is expected that an election would be held for the remainder of the term (through 2022) for Representative in Congress, 23rd District, a seat vacated by Tom Reed. All registered voters and all absentee types qualify to vote in this election.

When the information on this special election is settled, we will share that information with the public.

Planning to Vote via Absentee Ballot?

Because there are several upcoming primaries and elections in New York State, if you need to apply for an absentee ballot, please put a date range on the application or call the local Board of Elections, (607) 274-5522.

If you’ve applied for an absentee ballot, you must vote by sending in your absentee ballot or via affidavit at the polling location.

If you did not receive your absentee ballot or have lost it, please call the local Board of Elections, (607) 274-5522.

Absentee ballot applications must be received 15 days prior to an election. Apply by mail or in-person.
For more information, visit: (this page will not be available for the 15-day period before an election).

Not Yet Registered to Vote?

In order to vote in these upcoming elections, you must be registered to vote. Register up until 25 days before any election that you are eligible to vote in (June 3 for the June 28 primary and July 29 for the August 23 primary). Visit the BOE to find out how to register.


Serve as a Paid Poll Worker

BOE is recruiting poll workers, $15.32 / hour.

In Tompkins County more than 300 people are needed to work as election inspectors and operate the polls on Election Day. You must be 17 or older, a registered voter in Tompkins County (or pre-registered if under 18), represent either the Republican or Democratic Party, and enjoy people and service to others.

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