Issues Huddle: Redrawing City Ward Lines

from Krys Cail, chair of TCDC’s Issues Committee

On the evening of Friday, February 24, a small group of Democrats gathered in person at GreenStar’s new “The Space” for an Issues Huddle. The subject: How will the New District Lines Impact the 2023 Election Cycle?

“There are a lot of technicalities associated with implementing these changes. We had a very good informal conversation about how the new election districts will impact city candidates; petitioners wishing to serve on TCDC; how we communicate about the changes with voters, and how our Political Action Team might develop voter registration campaigns. Several thoughts raised and discussed will be passed along through our committee structure for further development.

“Special thanks are due to members who have labored mightily to implement these changes as they relate to our City Ward Committee composition, and how to help some TCDC members petition for their seats when their address is now in a different Wards. Special thanks to Ann Sullivan, an Issues Committee member; Ed Swayze, chair of the City Committee, and Ann Reichlin, vice chair of the City Committee. They helped us to better understand how we have been accomplishing this district reorganization on the ground, and provided guidance on getting ready to go out and petition in the new districts

“Issues Huddles are planned for most, but not all, fourth Fridays of the month. We’ll be busy with petitioning in March, so watch for news of an Issues Huddle in April!”

Editor’s Note: Petitioning for the 2023 election cycle began February 28. The Tompkins County Board of Elections is sending postcards to city voters explaining ward and/or polling site changes that pertain to their home addresses. The Tompkins County Board of Elections website has more up-to-date information.

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