• Jim Gustafson
    It is with the heaviest of hearts that the Executive Committee of the Tompkins County Democratic Committee announces that our dear friend and chair, Jim Gustafson, passed away peacefully yesterday, December 21st, 2021, at home surrounded by his loving family. Jim was elected as interim Chair of the Tompkins County Democratic Committee on February 25th, 2019, by the Tompkins County membership to take over a partial term vacated by former TCDC Chair, Irene Stein. In June of 2019, Jim ran for a [more ...]
  • Ann SullivanGrace and Gratitude
    We live in difficult times. Almost every day the news brings an onslaught of bleak news; ethnic cleansing, wars, famines, fierce weather events and senseless individual acts of violence that destroy innocent lives. We are in our second year of a plague that has killed over 750,000 of us and sickened millions more. Malicious voices distort and amplify these troubles to divide, rather than to rally us together against a common foe. Just what, many of ask ourselves, in this holiday season of joy [more ...]
  • The Town of Lansing is at a Turning Point
    Lansing is at a turning point, with zoning laws that need to be updated and the ongoing need for conservation to protect our natural resources. Acknowledging these issues, the town will begin revision of the zoning laws in 2022. This includes the zoning revisions of the rural agricultural area, which encompasses about two-thirds of the northern part of the town. It is also an area where development pressures are conflicting with resident’s expectations on a regular basis. Lansing’s [more ...]
  • Chair’s October Message
    Hello Tompkins County Democrats and welcome to Campaign Season, October is the height of campaign season: putting up signs, doing voter mailings, door to door canvassing and calling voters. It’s when you can have the greatest impact with your volunteer work. We have competitive county races in three districts, city council contests in three wards, and serious races in three towns. The details are listed here in the Newsletter and we would appreciate your volunteer support in any of these [more ...]

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