TCDC General Meeting

Thursday, January 26th, 2023, convening at 7pm

Special Note:

All Democrats are invited to attend
Only TCDC members are eligible to vote

Recent Items of Interest

  • Linda-Hoffmanl-1-300x380Message from the Chair: Why Are We Democrats?
    We believe in democracy. We believe in history. We believe in human rights. And we will prevail. Some of us were born Democrats. We are the children and grandchildren of Americans who came of age in the Depression, when Franklin Roosevelt offered hope to a nation in despair. Others joined our party over the decades that followed. Democrats championed civil rights in the 1960s, equal rights for [more ...]
  • GOP to New Yorkers: Drop Dead
    The Biden Administration has released fact sheets showing the potential impact of the House GOP budget for 2024 on individual states. The plan cuts spending by 22 percent across the board, affecting millions of New Yorkers in almost all areas of life: 736,000 New Yorkers would fail to meet harsh new eligibility restrictions for food assistance via SNAP and WIC 397,600 New Yorker college students [more ...]
  • Water World
    Climate change gets real as residents contemplate new FEMA flood maps—and the prospect of buying more homeowners insurance By Krys Cail This month’s Fourth-Friday Issues Huddle was titled “New FEMA Flood Threat Maps.” It was held the same week as an information Open House sponsored by the Tompkins County Office of Planning and Sustainability. Some of our attendees had been to [more ...]
  • House Sitting
    Where we report on what Marc Molinaro does, not just what he says By Ann Reichlin Representative Marc Molinaro (R-NY19) continues to present himself as a moderate, but when it comes to voting, he falls in line with the extreme views of today’s Republican Party. To take a fresh example: Molinaro voted for H.R. 2811, the debt ceiling bill, helping to give Speaker Kevin McCarthy his very [more ...]
  • Irene Stein at the Office for the AgingMessage from the Chair
    Irene Stein was a great leader, a role model—and a dear friend Linda Hoffman, Chair, Tompkins County Democratic Committee TCDC lost a great leader and dear friend last month. Irene Stein, who passed away March 26 at the age of 92, was a TCDC member since the 1960s and our chair from 1990 to 2019. During that time she encouraged generations of members to invest their time and talents into building [more ...]

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League of Women Voters to Host June 8 Forum for Democratic Common Council Primary Candidates All ten seats on Ithaca’s Common Council are at play

Tompkins County Democratic Committee

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NY RENEWS RALLY ITHACA Thursday May 25 at noon Stewart Park Join Citizen Action of New York and NY Renews, a coalition of over 350

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