Linda Hoffman

Chair’s Message

It’s Time for Action and Unity!

I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to remind fellow Democrats to vote in the upcoming Democratic Primary on August 23rd. Please be aware that you will be voting for candidates on the regular ballot, but there will also be a SECOND BALLOT for a special election to replace Tom Reed. I encourage you all to vote for your candidate of choice in Congressional District 19, the NYS Senate 52nd, and the Special Election for Max Della Pia. There is much more information about these candidates in our newsletter so please read carefully.

Not only is our mission to educate voters about the two ballots on August 23rd, but we must enhance candidate visibility. We need volunteers to help us staff our Democratic Headquarters, distribute lawn signs, and make calls during phone banking as we move into the November election season. GOTV – Get Out the Vote – is essential and you are needed like never before. For those of you who are members of our Tompkins County Democratic Committee you will receive detailed information about ways to volunteer in this election season.

As we move through Primary season toward November 8th, UNITY will be a critical factor for successfully electing democrats here and across New York State. Here is a description of the word “unity” that I find fitting for our political organization and beyond. Unity helps to foster a culture of respect, fairness and belonging that enables strong team relationships to embrace and celebrate people’s differences. Awakening the democratic voters in the communities across the TCDC requires a voice of unity to harness and deliver a positive message that includes hope.

Serving as chair since January has afforded me the opportunity to meet and engage with many members of TCDC and I welcome the diversity of opinions; now is the time to come together to balance our opinions with the work that is at hand. The Republicans are organized and unified, a red flag for us. We can do better and we will!

I ask every one of you to reflect on the importance of fostering a culture of respect, fairness and belonging as we come together with a unified voice. We have a lot to lose if we don’t.



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