TCDC campaign HQ now open


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The Tompkins County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce the opening of its Headquarters at 832 Hanshaw Rd, Ithaca. It will operate Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday 3 – 5 pm during the summer and will have extended hours as we approach the general election on
November 8. We hope this will be an opportunity for democrats to engage with each other and support candidates. We will have lawn signs, postcards, and various opportunities to help support our candidates. When you go, park near the street and take the small walk to the door. Click on the picture to locate the office on a map.

These last few years have been a rollercoaster of emotions both nationally and locally. This will be the first time we have opened a HQ since our former Chair, Jim Gustafson, passed. While our hearts are still heavy from our loss, we know Jim is proud of the continued work the committee
is doing to support Democrats.

We all understand what is at stake in these coming elections. Our candidates are ready!

“Congratulations to the TCDC on the grand opening its new Headquarters(HQ)! The new HQ reflects the committee’s commitment to informing, motivating, and registering local voters for the road ahead where we can elect service oriented leaders both locally and nationally.” – Max Della Pia, Congressional Candidate (CD 23)

“Congratulations to the Tompkins Democrats on their new HQ!” said Josh Riley, TCDC-endorsed candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District. “Democratic turnout in Tompkins County is going to be critical to winning our battleground district in the fall, and I look forward to a
continued strong partnership with the committee to energize our base over the coming months.” – Josh Riley, Congressional Candidate (CD 19)

“Congratulations to the Tompkins County Democratic Committee on their new office opening. It will be wonderful to have a place where we can gather and work together to advance our Democratic values and lead us to victory this November. ” – Lea Webb, Senate Candidate

“It’s been an honor to serve on the Tompkins County Democratic Committee since 2006, helping to elect Democrats to office from village mayors to county legislators to congresspeople to President. This committee, and the work that we all do, is literally the vanguard of democracy, and I know that we will be the party leading our nation forward out of these challenging times, building on our foundation of integrity, honesty, equality, and results.” – Leslie Danks Burke,
Senate Candidate

“A huge congratulations to the Tompkins County Democratic Committee on their new headquarters and a big thank you to the committee leadership for creating a home base for the party. This HQ will be an important place where we can gather, share ideas, provide support,
and on those long campaign days find a place to call our own where we can recharge and March to victory in November. I am excited to work with everyone in the TCDC and the Democrats who will win from local to national elections and represent our county and community with principle and vision.” – Anna Kelles, Assemblymember

“Our Democratic Community is here to WIN in November with a strong unified voice throughout Tompkins County. We can deliver the WIN to be represented by candidates who will get the job done in taking care of what is needed in communities for all the people. The TCDC Headquarters is there to serve the candidates and voters.” – Linda Hoffman, TCDC Chair

“Jim Gustafson was my mentor and I miss him dearly. Having a place for members to gather was deeply important to him. I’m proud of our leadership team in creating a space. I know he is proud of the work we continue to do.” – Stacey Dimas, TCDC Political Action Team Chair

If you would like to explore volunteering your time at the TCDC office, contact us or call the office.

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