House Sitting

With Congress in recess, now is a good time to reflect on a simple fact: Democrats get things done

by Ann Reichlin

Given the tsunami of news pertaining to the indictments of the former president, the actual positive impacts of legislation passed by Democrats and signed by Joe Biden hardly get noticed. Here are just two examples of how Democrats get things done:

Making the Internet More Affordable

Having access to high-speed, affordable service is essential to success in our internet-connected world. The Affordable Connectivity Program, passed as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, helps offset the cost of broadband by offering a $30-per-month credit on broadband bills for income-eligible customers. Tribal customers are eligible for additional credits. Access this program through the websites of internet providers such as Spectrum and Verizon.

Energy Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by Democratic president Joe Biden provides several tax credits for energy efficiency and clean energy. This link to the IRS page shows what types of federal energy credits are available this year. A recent Washington Post story describes other ways the Inflation Reduction Act works towards clean energy goals.

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