Diversity and Inclusion Update

 from Susie Monagan

The TCDC has communicated a desire to become a less racist organization. We dedicate ourselves to changing the culture of our organization to attract new members to better reflect the demographic makeup of Tompkins County. This change will allow the committee, our party, and our elected officials to better understand and serve all of our citizens and prioritize funding of the policies that will lead to a just and equitable community.

In order to accomplish this goal, the TCDC will set aside funds to hire trainers who can guide the membership through the process of unpacking and dismantling its racism as well as developing a strategy for supporting this transformation for the long term. We acknowledge that our goal to transform the committee will take work; building relationships of trust and interrupting patterns of racism does not happen overnight.

We must acknowledge that, between Philadelphia and Atlanta, Black voters delivered this past election cycle to Democrats, beginning the process of terminating the horrors of the Trump presidency and the McConnell Senate. Now is the time to look at what 2020 has taught us about the gross inequities in our society and commit resources toward living up to our principles. The membership will be updated on future events soon.

Members should consider zooming into “Racism in America”, a webinar sponsored by Cornell Arts and Sciences in partnership with the Cornell Law School. This Feb. 24, 7 p.m. event is free and open to the public; registration is required.

Moderated by Katrease “Kat” Stafford, national investigative writer at The Associated Press, the webinar will feature five Cornell faculty experts who will address the history and present of the civil disobedience and protest movements that have brought us to this fraught moment in the U.S. The discussion will explore how different communities, groups, and movements have defined protest and engaged in it, seeking to sway public opinion. The panelists will explore how and why protest and civil disobedience are necessary and the ways protest has worked to effect real, sustainable change.

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