Chair’s February Message

I’m sure we are all feeling a great sense of relief now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are hard at work in the White House and we are not hearing from it’s former resident on an hourly basis. We are still in the pandemic, and we are all trying to figure out how to get vaccinations, and our national politics is still too partisan and poisonous, but what a relief to see the President working everyday to take care of people and solve our problems in an honest straightforward way.

Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to local elections. We have important contests across Tompkins County this year, which Renate outlines in this newsletter, thanks Renate, and we need to get our candidates on the ballot over the next few months, and then work to get them elected this November. Where there are open seats in your town, ward or the county legislature, please help your local committee find good candidates. And where there are Republicans holding these seats, especially in the county legislature, let’s find good candidates to run against them and not concede any elected offices!

When you are talking to prospective candidates remember to reassure them that the TCDC and our local committees will help them with the entire process of running for office. We have a proven track record of helping people with no political experience run for office successfully.

We will continue to communicate with you regularly with email updates, on our social media and website, and the newsletters. Any you are always welcome to call me or any of the the officers when you have a question or concern.

Also, this Newsletter contains an update on our efforts to acknowledge that we all need to work on making the TCDC a more diverse and inclusive committee. A huge thanks to Leslyn McBean-Clairborn for writing the Tompkins Weekly February edition of the Democratic View, “The Sting of Systemic Racism,” an important message for all of us.

Stay warm and safe,


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