County Legislator Forums – 6/10 and 6/16

Hello TCDC Members and Volunteers,

June is Primary month, and on June 22nd, Tompkins County Democrats will have the opportunity to choose their nominees in several contests. For the county legislature there are primary races in LD1 and LD2 in the City of Ithaca, in LD8 in Newfield and southern Enfield, and in LD13 in Dryden. There are also primary races in Ward 1 and Ward 5 of the City of Ithaca for the Common Council, and in Danby for the Town Board.

If you live in any of these districts, please do your homework about the candidates and issues, and then be sure to vote on the 22nd. To help the voters in these contests be better informed, and to get to see the candidates in person virtually, the TCDC and the City of Ithaca Democratic Committee are hosting candidate forums for the county legislature and Common Council respectively. The Common Council forum was on Monday June 7th, so it will have happened by the time you get this message, but it will be live streamed on YouTube and you can watch it there anytime. Here is the link for the YouTube recording of the Common Council Forum:

The county legislature forums will be on June 10th at 7pm for LD8 and 13, and on June 16th at 7pm for LD1 and 2. These events will also be on YouTube and you can watch them live or at your convenience. Here are the links for those two events:

Thu Jun 10, 7pm
County Legislature Districts 8 and 13

Wed Jun 16, 7pm
County Legislature Districts 1 and 2

There is information about the candidates in all these contests on the website at Candidates for Upcoming Elections and the Facebook page. If you live in any of the districts where these contests are being held, be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about the candidate forums and remind them to vote in the primary election.Thanks and enjoy this lovely time of year in our beautiful county.

Jim Gustafson
TCDC Chair

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