Democratic Candidates for Upcoming Elections

Tompkins County Legislature

Shawna Black, Amanda Champion, Deborah Dawson, Dan Klein, and Anne Koreman are running for re-election to the Tompkins County Legislature and are endorsed by the Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee.

Shawna Black – District 11

I’m excited to run for re-election of County Legislator in District 11.    In the upcoming term legislators will make decisions about law enforcement reform, green energy investments, and decisions that assist with affordable housing – I look forward to being a part of that.

Amanda Champion – District 12

Since beginning my term on the Legislature, I have been an advocate for environmental protections, health and human services, and good government. The most important part of this work is listening to people and guiding them to the information or help they need, particularly during this difficult period of the global pandemic.

Deborah Dawson – District 10

During my first term on the Legislature, I served on a variety of boards and committees, chaired the Planning, Energy, and Environmental Quality Committee for 2 years, and now chair the Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee. Going forward, I intend to focus my efforts on addressing the two overwhelming challenges that now confront Tompkins County: the fiscal aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the efficient transition to sustainable energy we will need to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Dan Klein – District 7

I am proud to represent a portion of the Town of Ithaca, along with Danby and Caroline on the Tompkins County Legislature. I take my job very seriously and am always interested in engaging with constituents about the issues the legislature is working on.

Anne Korman – District 5

During the next four years, I pledge to diligently assist our community in recovering from the effects of the pandemic including the mental and physical health of our residents, job retention and retraining (including green jobs), housing, and support for our many small business. I will continue to advocate for working families, a more sustainable environment, expanding affordable broadband in rural areas, and equity for all marginalized groups.

Town of Ithaca — Town Board and Town Justice

The Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee has endorsed a slate of candidates for Town Board and Town Justice. The Town Board oversees the Town of Ithaca's finances, public works, parks, collaborations with the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County, and more. The Town Justice's responsibilities include handling vehicle and traffic matters, small claims, evictions, civil matters, and criminal offenses.

Rich DePaolo

I feel that my most important responsibility as a councilperson is to engage our residents in participatory government. Municipal processes can feel mundane, but they determine many aspects of our local lives, and the folks who live here should have a hand in shaping their community experience.

Margaret Johnson

I decided to run for Ithaca Town Board because I want to help protect and expand our parks, trails and open spaces, preserve the precious resource of our beautiful lake and clearly track progress toward the Town’s Climate Smart Communities Goals for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. My campaign is about enhancing opportunities and quality of life for all residents of the Town of Ithaca.

Rob Rosen

I’m running for the Ithaca Town Board because I want to contribute to the continuing success of the Town of Ithaca, and I want to support the work of local government to improve the lives of all people. On broader issues, I would bring my support for progressive causes such as a fair economy, equality, sustainability, and social justice.

Jim Salk

The “Court closest to the people” continues to fulfill a vital role in the life of our community. For me, serving as Ithaca Town Justice is, not only an honor but more importantly, an opportunity to use my skills and experience to serve the citizens of Ithaca.

Delegates for the 6th Judicial Convention

The delegates we elect will attend a judicial convention in August to nominate Supreme Court Justice Molly Fitzgerald for a second 14-year term.

Molly Fitzgerald