Chair’s April Message

The latest from Jim Gustafson

We had a classic reminder of Ithaca weather with snow on April Fools day, to remind us that April is the cruelest month of all, but I can happily report that we had a very productive petitioning season in March. We have candidates in 12 of the 14 races for the county legislature and primaries in 4 of those districts. We also have candidates for all 5 Ithaca City Council seats and primaries for 3 of those offices. Town candidates have also been nominated across the county, except in those towns that nominate by caucus, which will occur between now and July. A full listing of all the candidates and races are in this newsletter and you can also see them on the TCDC website at

Primary elections are your chance to get involved in deciding which direction you want to see your local government and the party move on various issues. In uncontested general elections the real contest is the primary, so I encourage you to get involved if you live in one of these contested districts. And I encourage you to attend your local committee meetings and help in the local elections where you live.

The TCDC will help provide candidate forums in these races so you can get to know the candidates and the issues. And if you haven’t paid your 2021 dues and Victory Club contribution yet, I ask you to help the committee so we can help the candidates and keep our Tompkins County Democratic Committee strong. You can find the information on our website.

Thanks and happy spring,
Jim Gustafson
TCDC Chair

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