Ulysses Petition-Primary Basics

Ulysses Democratic Committee (UDC) voted at it's November 3rd meeting to change the way candidates for town offices are selected from a caucus system to petition-and-primary.

The petition-and-primary system, is used for all federal, state and county positions and many other towns. Potential candidates need to collect signatures on a petition from Ulysses Democrats. If more people submit petitions than there are vacancies, those people would face off in a primary election.

If you are interested in running for the Town of Ulysses Town Board as a Democrat this year, your first step would be to contact Steve Dewitt at the Tompkins County Board of Elections, phone (607) 274-5522.

You will need to file completed petitions with the Tompkins County Board of Elections by April 3-6.

For further guidance contact Cynthia Mannino, cynthiam.udc@gmail.com.

Educational YouTube on running for local office in Tompkins County.