TCDC to Welcome New Volunteer Coordinator

At the June 4 TCDC meeting new members will be seated, including newcomer Mollie Leitzes. Mollie is already a member of the Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee. She served as Volunteer Coordinator with the Obama Campaign in New Jersey and was a journalist for the New Jersey Jewish News.

Since TCDC’s Volunteer Coordinator position was open, Mollie has already begun working in that capacity. She has taken a deep dive into the analysis of volunteer data that came to the county via Tracy Mitrano’s campaign and is contacting potential volunteers to support our 2024 efforts.

Starting with the historical, limited information about voters who volunteered for political campaigns in the past, Mollie—along with County Chair Linda Hoffmann and Technology Coordinator Ted Crane—has identified more than 1,000 potential volunteers. Finding current contact information for them is a challenge. Targeted emails are going out and responses are coming back.

In addition, if you know someone who would like to volunteer for the 2024 campaign please ask them to fill out the 2024 TCDC Volunteer Registration Form. Please direct questions to Mollie at

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