Message from the Chair – November 2023

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In Tompkins County, more than 50 Democrats have stepped up to serve their communities as town supervisors, board members, clerks and justices. Now, with early voting underway and Election Day next Tuesday, I see everyone working hard, as a team, to Get Out The Vote (GOTV).

My message this month is a shout out to YOU. You’re the ones who are leading the charge to GOTV across each of the wards and towns. Your interactions with your committees and voters activates volunteers and energizes them to canvass, develop content for voter mailers, make phone calls, manage messages for your personal or a town or ward social media, do texting.Then there is the distribution of candidate lawn signs. GOTV work is essential in motivating Democratic voters, now and into the future.

The fall weather has given way at times to rain and more rain, a challenge for door to door canvassing, yet you continue knocking on doors. Your enthusiasm for our candidates sparks Democratic voter interest.Your voice engages them. In an age when it’s hard to make people look up from their smart phones and laptop screens, you understand the purpose of being people focused. Reaching out directly at the door, by phone, texting or mailings, communicates the understanding of a voter as a partner with a stake in all elections. And you’re aware that we party stalwarts and voters process information differently, so you use visuals and messaging to start conversations and answer questions.

Local elections are the foundation of democracy! They have direct impact and relevance in our lives. Your commitment to volunteering communicates the importance of turning out the vote for 2023 and assures voters that their voices matter!

With deep gratitude,

Linda Hoffman, Chair
Tompkins County Democratic Committee

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