House Sitting

by Ann Reichlin

What’s Our New Congressman Been Up To?
A new feature in which we report on what Marc Molinaro does, not just what he says.

MolinaroHouseSittingOn December 23 Marc Molinaro (R-NY19) tweeted: “Wait … I have to STAY in Washington DC?”

Actually, Congressman, you don’t have to stay there. The 2024 congressional elections are just around the corner (sort of).

If you’re wondering how our freshly minted congressman has voted so far: He supported Kevin McCarthy’s marathon bid for Speaker of the House and voted yes to create the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government–yes, that weaponized committee, headed up by Jim Jordan (R-OH04).

Molinaro is often characterized as a moderate Republican. Is there really such a thing as a moderate Republican? Stay tuned.

Posted in Tompkins County.