House Sitting

Where we report on what Marc Molinaro does, not just what he says

By Ann Reichlin

Representative Marc Molinaro (R-NY19) continues to present himself as a moderate, but when it comes to voting, he falls in line with the extreme views of today’s Republican Party.

To take a fresh example: Molinaro voted for H.R. 2811, the debt ceiling bill, helping to give Speaker Kevin McCarthy his very narrow win in the GOP-controlled House. The bill includes new work requirements for SNAP recipients. Molinaro apparently supports them even after acknowledging that government assistance was very helpful to his family when he was growing up. Voting for the overall bill demonstrates that Molinaro is willing to go along with his party’s plan to hold the financial health of the country hostage to the GOP’s extreme-rightwing.

Another example: Molinaro’s recent yes vote on a bill that “would bar transgender athletes from women’s athletic teams.” This legislation imposes Republican views on schools, exploits a social issue to score political points with GOP base voters and, in the process, unfairly targets the trans community; all under the false premise of “protecting women and girls.”

For a party that claims to believe in small government, this certainly looks like another example of big-government micromanagement.

Posted in Tompkins County.