Linda Hoffman

Chair’s Message

Linda Hoffmann, Chair, TCDC

So much has happened in the news over these past two months: a new Lt. Governor has been appointed, news about redistricting both statewide and locally, new organizational meeting requirements, a possible new petitioning cycle with an additional August primary and so much more political upheaval. We spend this Newsletter reporting the latest news on these fronts to you.

Additionally, we have been busy with a robust fund-raising effort for Democratic Sponsors. The issues committee is set to look at some bylaw revisions, we look forward to our June 11th Wine and Cheese Event at the Cherry, TCDC and watch for the announcement for our TCDC General Meeting and a forum on the Lt. Governor’s race.

I am so thankful for the work that all of you do for the Tompkins County Democrats. I urge all of you once again to take care in the way we address our concerns to one another. Whether we are speaking face to face or writing an email take the time to ask open ended questions. Email communication can sometimes be especially misunderstood.

Please know that I am always open to hearing and listening to your concerns. We, as democrats must pull together ~ democracy is at stake
The Republican agenda is fierce and unrelenting.


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