Linda Hoffman

Chair’s Message

Whether being new, a seasoned petitioner or somewhere in between, the commitment to petitioning is an important mission of the Tompkins County Democrats.  The petitioning calendar opened on March 1st with a flurry of petitions being shared across the five wards and nine towns.

The concept and practice of petitioning has a long and rich tradition that is noted as far back in human history in the records of ancient Egyptian workers petitioning for improved working conditions.  Petitioning in 18th century America was instituted by the framers of the constitution to be included among the rights protected by the First Amendment. The world of petitions encompasses four types: political (what is being undertaken in Tompkins County with the Designated Petitions),  legal, public purpose, and Internet.  The latter is most effective to raise public awareness on an issue.

As each of us continues the task of petitioning into our neighborhoods, know you are asking the Democratic voters to sign a petition as being part of  a long tradition of pursuing civic and political action to achieve a much larger political social goal.  Our purpose is in getting candidates in contested races on the Primary Election Ballots for NYS Senate 53rd and 22nd  Congressional Candidates.  In this election cycle we are also carrying petitions as Committee Members representing each district in the towns and wards.

Additionally, petitions are being carried for Anna Kelles, State Assemblymember for 125th District, Tompkins County Sheriff,DerekOsborne, and Tompkins County Clerk, Maureen Reynolds, as well as  NY Democratic Committee Representatives, Emily F. Adams & Dan Lamb, and Delegates/Alternates for 6th Judicial District.

Reach out to your ward and town chair if you have questions about signatures, how to complete the witness section. or if you need additional petitions or campaign literature,

Mark your calendar to turn in ALL completed petitions by March 31 to your chair.

Happy petitioning.

submitted by Linda Hoffmann, Chair, TCDC

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