A Statement of Gratitude for Pat Leary’s Service

The Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee is grateful for the service of Pat Leary, who retired in December after a total of 24 years as a member of the Ithaca Town Board. Pat was first elected in 1985 and served two four-year terms. She was elected again in 2005 and served four terms. Pat was appointed Deputy Town Supervisor from May 2008 through December 2009.

During her tenure Pat served on a variety of committees, including the Budget, Planning, Codes and Ordinances, Public Works, Sidewalk, and Short-Term Rental Committees. In each of these roles she worked tirelessly to ensure the quality of life of Town residents. Pat was particularly dedicated to making affordable housing available to Town residents and believed neighborhoods within the Town should foster a sense of community.

Pat was committed the well-being of the Town’s staff. She felt that as an employer the Town has a moral obligation to treat its workers fairly and never forgot that Town employees are often called upon to do difficult work under dangerous conditions. As a result, Pat strongly advocated for living wages and good benefits, as well as a safe and satisfying work environment.

Pat will be missed by her colleagues on the Town Board for her excellent analytical ability and her enthusiastic participation in discussions about issues facing the Town. Pat kept herself well-informed about current events and brought a breadth of knowledge about many issues to deliberations. In addition, Pat was renowned for her top-notch writing and editing skills. The Town Board and staff relied on Pat’s keen eye and excellent grammar to ensure that the Town’s resolutions, ordinances, and other communications were clear, concise, and professional.

The Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee wishes Pat many happy years in retirement. We know she will have great success in anything she chooses to do.

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