A Report on what Marc Molinaro does, not just what he says

In keeping with his efforts to paint himself as a moderate, Congressman Marc Molinaro continues to straddle the political divide by touting his nice-guy persona on social media while simultaneously voting for partisan GOP priorities.

Some of Molinaro’s recent votes include a vote in favor of gridlock such as HR 277, which would require Congress to approve many new rules generated by the executive branch before they could take effect; a vote in favor of legislation that would prevent new regulations pertaining to gas stoves from taking effect, and a vote in favor of censuring Adam Schiff.

Molinaro won’t say a word about the egregious behavior of Donald Trump, the GOP’s de facto leader. Instead, he voted to punish the colleague—Representative Schiff—who brought Trump’s misbehavior to light.

How is that “moderate?”

by Ann Reichlin

Posted in Tompkins County.