Money we raise goes for one purpose: to support Democratic candidates at the village, town, city, and county levels, and occasionally candidates in state and federal races.

Campaigns use the funds we give them for a variety of informational purposes. They plan direct mailings, purchase lawn signs, publish print ads, and do the important work of getting their message out to the public. Together with party building, we consider the job of fundraising for our candidates one of our top priorities. Thanks to our members and our many dedicated community contributors, we have had years of successful elections throughout Tompkins County.

Please use the top ActBlue "Contribute" button for general donations. If you are a TCDC member please use the Dues and Victory Club button to make your member contributions. If you are attending a TCDC fundraising event please use the appropriate special event button.

You can also send a check to

Tompkins County Democratic Committee
P.O Box 6798, Ithaca, NY  14851
Political donations are not tax deductible.

Thank you.

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