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Run for Office in Town of Ulysses

Do you love where you live, and have a desire to work toward a better future for all members of your community?

There are upcoming opportunities to run for seats in YOUR local Town of Ulysses government—and the Ulysses Democratic Committee has information that may be helpful!

The following seats are going to be up for election in the Town of Ulysses at the November 2021 general election, with 4-year terms beginning in January 2022:  

-Town Board member (2 seats)

-Town Supervisor
-Town Clerk
-Highway Superintendent

The Town of Ulysses is governed by a Town Board made up of five people: four regular councilpersons and one Supervisor. Members of the Town Board constitute the legislative governing body of Ulysses. They are responsible for establishing and overseeing the policies, finances, and ethics of the town government. 

The Town Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.  These regular meetings typically last between two and three hours and are open to the public. Since March, they’ve been conducted remotely, which is the plan for the duration of the pandemic.  

Who is eligible?

Town Board members must be U.S. citizens 18 or older and residents of the Town of Ulysses (which includes Trumansburg Village residents).

Do I have to be a registered Democrat to run on the Democratic ticket?

No, any Ulysses resident who is eligible to vote may compete for the nomination at the Democratic Caucus for Ulysses. It also may be helpful to attend Ulysses Town Board meetings.

For more information about running for one of these elected offices on the Democratic ticket, contact or

For additional information about the work involved in these positions, contact the Town of Ulysses at (607) 387-5767



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Local government touches many aspects of your life and affects how well you and your community thrive in a challenging world. The Ulysses Democratic Committee (which includes Trumansburg) wants to keep you aware of local election information so that you can participate in the election process that occurs not just in November, but throughout the year.
The Ulysses Democratic Committee (UDC) has created an email list to provide Ulysses Democrats with  information about local elections such as openings for elected positions, timelines for petitioning, caucus dates, etc. We anticipate this list to be used infrequently and it is not a discussion forum. Emails will be sent only when deadlines for local elections activities occur.

(To be removed from the list, simply use form and enter "Remove from list" in Name entry, provide e-mail as requested and submit)

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