Primary Election for NYS Senate and Congressional District NY19, plus Special Election for Congressional District NY23

This primary election day is unique. Why is Tompkins County voting in two Congressional Districts? Based on the 2020 census, New York State is redistricting, and we are now in District 19, stretching to the east. We will be voting in a primary for our Democratic candidate on this date. However, in our old district, District 23, stretching to the west, our previous representative resigned and there will be a special election for someone to replace him for the rest of his term, on the same day as the primary for our new district. Our new district’s actual election will be in November as usual.

For a map of our new Congressional Districts, see

For more information visit the Tompkins County Board of Elections at or contact them by telephone at (607) 274-5522.

The event is finished.